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The Domaine

Nature lovers will be able to follow the paths that surround the property (about 4 km) for a real discovery. On the shores of the pond and depending on the season you will see (Tadorne de Belon, egret, heron, green collar, etc...), while walking the trails, try to recognize the different local wood species (oak, beech, chestnut, elder, etc.) and, by crossing the orchards, it will be the different varieties of cider apples (about 50 local varieties).
Take the hollow path and, close to the fountain, you may see a deer, probably warwarren rabbits in the middle of the meadows where, in peace, some Charolais cattle and a good dozen sheep graze.
To complete the tour of the owner a visit to the cellar is required, where will be exposed some copies of presses and cellar items, and finish with a tasting of local cider produced by the owners of the place.


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Local products

We make it a point to work only with local products, thus guaranteeing the best flavors.


Our region is a treasure trove of biodiversity, which is why recycling is essential to us and opting for zero waste.


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